Why I Love Counting Crows

…because they play piano, electric, acoustic, base and drums,,,, and harmonica!

i love their sound. alot of people like to go back and forth about Adam and his lyrics. bottom line: Adam can write songs, he can make music, and he can communicate through song. i love this band, i love this music, and i am SO EXCITED about new Amsterdam live. Get it on I tunes or the store where you buy CDs.

Here are some fun quotes I dig from he crows:

“My girl listens to the band play she says where have you been… ive been lying right here on the floor”

“I got all this time to be waiting for what is mine, hating what I am after the light is faded”

“I need a phone call…. I need a plane ride… I need a sunburn… I need a phone call”

“The last one out of the circus has to lock up everything”

“I dont know why but I see Cadillacs sailing….Maryland and Virgina have faded away”

“I dreamed I never known anyone at the party but I’m always the host”

“if dreams are like movies then memories are films about ghosts”

“I cant remember all the times Ive tried to tell myself to hold on to these moments as they pass”

“I was out on the radio just starting to change somewhere out in America its starting to rain can you tell me one thing you remember about me…”

“she said she’d like to meet a boy who looked like Elvis”

“You get what ya pay for but I just had no intention of living this way”

“its been so long since Ive seen the ocean I guess I should”

“gonna get back to the basics I guess i started up again we are falling from the ceiling i am falling from the sky now and then.”

“we were gonna be the wildest the wildest the wildest people they ever hoped to see”

“i empty drawers of other summers where my shadows used to be”

“if you feel my love wont leave you and if your sorrow has been your share if you are travlin back to Georgia wont you take me with you there?”

These are but a few.

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