Heaven’s Church… what will it look like?

My friend Matt passed along an interesting Washington Post story about a church in Springfield, VA welcoming and embracing Christian traditions from around the world. The article seems fair, although I have never attended a service at the Word of Life Assembly of God church.  What i do appreciate is that Washington, DC is a place where worship like this can flourish. In my experiences visiting Christian churches in other countries — from Central and South America to SE Asia and several in between — what has always impacted me the most is the sense of unity I have experienced while among my Christian brothers and sisters from other cultures.  Worship does look very different in other parts of the world, and God has since grown in me a sincere appreciation for the diversity among the Body of Christ, fellow believers, my heavenly brothers and sisters.  I am curious to know, what does your community of believers look like?  Experiencing God through worshiping Christ through the eyes of another culture, tremendously broadened my worldview and my understanding of God’s passion for His glory among all nations. What has been your experience?  Leave me a comment and let me know. I would love to hear your story!  

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