Attack of the mini-me’s

So while we were home for Christmas, we had dinner with my high school friends.  Most all of them were able to attend.  Those who came brought their children.  Brian and I have not yet embarked on the journey to kid-dome; however, it was my idea for my friends to bring their kids!   Needless to say, by the middle of the evening, kids out numbered adults two to one and my dear husband was front and center!  He swung kids around, lifted them by their toe nails, played keep away, and played chase until it was time to go:)   I have tons of photos of the evening, but have not yet had time to download them.  In the meantime, here is a sneak peak of all the many kids!!  high-school-kids.jpg These many children belong to: April Grant Spain (Madison, Grace, and Grant), Beth Bailey Cloud (Brayden and Bailey), Amy McCann Harrington (Jack and Luke) Stephanie Hammer Reaves (Lauren Cady, Harrison, and Joshua), and Beth McCaskill Chenault ( Dylan, Hayley, and Audry).   Good times.  I guess if I still lived in Bartlett I, too, would have 2 and 1/2 kids!  PTL God had something else in mind!      

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