My Super Tuesday

Today in all the upcoming super Tuesday hype, I realized that Virginia is not a super Tuesday state.  For some reason I assumed we were, so I went online to check on when we get to vote in the primary and learned that we do NEXT Tuesday… February 12… MY BIRTHDAY!  🙂 

So all this super Tuesday business has me really stressed out.  I was a fan of Rudy.  I read his book on Leadership, I met him in 2002 when my former boss was running for the U.S. Senate, and I really grew to respect his resolve during the days following 9-11

I know he has some questionable skeletons in the closet; however, his leadership abilities and passion for our country are undeniable.  Sadly, casting my vote for him is no longer an option.   

So this leaves me perplexed on many levels.  Of the top 3 GOP candidates I like Hukabee first, then McCain.  I do not like Romney at all.   The current polls show McCain a good bit ahead of Romney and Huckabee bringing up the rear.  Here is how I look at it:

I like McCain more than Romney.  If I vote Huckabee it could split McCain’s vote and Romney wins.  Do I go with strategy and vote for my number 2 in hopes that my least favortie looses or do I go with my number 1 and see if he makes a GIANTS style come back? 

I have a week to decide! 

For an objective [sic] look at the other party click here

What will you do?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Thomas says:

    I will vote for Ron Paul. Seriously, at least go to his website and give him a fair hearing before you make your decision. Have a nice day.


  2. Ron P says:

    What about Ron Paul?? (tee hee)

  3. kara says:

    yeah, i agree with thomas.
    at least go to his site and look at him.
    i think he is by far the best candidate.

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