Tragedy Strikes Again… what is going on???


Mens’ and Womens’ Dorms are Destroyed



Click here for CNN Coverage.


Click here for updates from Union University Staff.


Please pray from my alma mater, Union University in Jackson, TN. 

I graduated from Union in 1999 and I woke up this morning to learn that tornados ripped through campus, destroying the men’s and women’s dorms

Miraculously, no one was killed.  Over 50 students were taken to the hospital.  Most of those have been released this morning.  Several students were trapped in the dorms until early this morning.  They have all been rescued by now and, again, it’s a miracle no one was killed. 

The campus, on the other hand, has sustained significant damage.  Close to 1300 students live on campus, and they have no where to live.  Union is a Christian school, so they have mobilized the local churches in Jackson to take students in to live with them until they figure out what to do.  Most of Union’s student population are not originally from the Jackson area so many have to depend on the community for shelter at this point.  Their dorms and everything in them is ruined.  Computers, clothes, books, photos… the students are in shock, but very relieved that no lives were lost. 

My entire family lives in West Tennessee, praise the Lord none of them were hurt.  My parents actually saw a tornado in the sky in our neighborhood, thank God it didn’t touch down! 

Please, please, please pray for Union University, University President David Dockery, Dean of Students Kimberly Thornbury, the leadership of the school, the students, their families, and everyone involved with rebuilding and picking up the pieces following this tragic event.   

I spoke to my good friend Shannon Hurt Stewart this morning.  Shannon and I went to Union together and she and her husband and baby girl still live in Jackson.  She said that several girls from her church who are students at Union and staying at her house.  She is going up to campus later today to help with clean up and she is going to call me with an update and send me photos of the damage.  Once I get more information I will post it here in my blog.  

 This is the second tragedy to strike the Union University community in the past 2 weeks.  We are all so thankful to be connected to each other and for the support we are receiving fro our friends all around the world.  These students lost practically everything but their shoes ont heir feet and the shirts on their backs. Please continue to pray.  The rebuilding effort will begin soon and the body of Christ will once again be called upon to rally around her own.  


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