Dear Brit-Brit

I will admit, I am a sucker for pop culture.  I get sucked into US Weekly, People, Pink, Perez, and the like. 

But sometimes, I do wonder what would happen if I actually said prayers for some of these people rather than read gossip about their lives thats likely embellished beyond recognition. 

Today I discovered an new book and associated blog that I can’t WAIT to read.  The latest entry on the blog is a letter to Britney Spears.  I think this letter is awesome, and I wanted to share it here. 


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  1. Lesley Roth says:

    Hey, AnnieLaurie…thanks for sharing this!

    It rings home to me. I teach 7th grade girls Sunday School at FBCA and a few months ago, one of my girls, in complete sincerity, asked me if God loved Brittany Spears. All the other girls chimed in and wanted to know too. They were all curious if God could love her since her behavior seemed so far from what they had learned of God’s commands. At the heart of their questions though I sensed was a deeper desire to know how fare beyond the pale we can go before we reach the limit of God’s love–and if they, too, might find themselves there one day. It was such a sincere blessing to be able to assure them that no matter what and no matter how far we stray God loves us…and Brittany Spears too. It is a sober reminder that behind the E TV and chat shows are real people who have real soul needs too.

  2. Momma says:

    I thought this was really good. Rarely do we think about celebrities in this way.
    You know when Elvis died (you were only 7 months old) your Memaw told me that she had been thinking about him a lot for some reason and wanted to write him a letter. She knew he was a christian and had lost his way. She wanted to encourage him to get back to talking and walking with our Savior.

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