day 4

is it really day four? 

we are having lunch at a kibbutz (sp) right on the sea of galilee.  we just had a boat ride on the sea.  earlier this morning we we to the mount of beattitudes.  this was incredible.  i have been trying to keep a song set of the different places i visit.  of course, i have my ipod on me everywhere. 

when we got to the mt of beattitudes, we first heard a devotion from matthew 4 and 5 from Joel, which was so awesome.  he talked about how we can still learn from and apply the beattitudes to our lives today and challenged us to listen to what God was saying to us about how these verses apply to our lives. 

After he spoke, we had about 20 minutes of time to ourselves.  I went off with my ipod and I spent some time on my own.  I found a quiet spot on the edge of the property and looked out over the sea and tried to take it all in, and imagine what happened on that very place.  Whats so cool about the mountain of beattitudes is that its basically unchanged over the centuries where as the city sites we see are built ontop of many civilazations since the time of christ.  as we stood on the mount of beattitudes we may have been standing exactly in the same place as christ and the diciples.  this is amazing to me.

so my song set:

One, U2

Heaven Came Down, (an old hymn but David Crowder was singing it)

Can You Feel It, David Crowder

then we had to head to the boat to set sail on the Galilee.  Joel again spoke to us, this time about when Jesus walked on water and peter asked if he could join him.  He challenged us to ask ourselves if God wants us to take that step of faith and get out of the boat.  he asked us to think about whether or not our lives are really making a difference for Christ.  joel spoke to us some more while we coasted along, we paused in the middle of the ride for some quiet time.  I of course, turn to my ipod again and the most amazing song was up next in my random shuffle…

Salt and Light by Jami Smith

This song is signifigant because of the verse its based on.  Ever since I was a teenager in highschool, my lifes verse has been Matthew 5 – You are the salt of the earth and the light of the world… a city on a hill can not be hidden… therefore let your light shine before men so they will see your faith and praise God in heaven…

Joel preached on these verses at the mount of beattitudes.  then it was the next song on my shuffle.  wow.  what a huge reminder for me.  I need to process this more, as it is happening real time, and I dont have alot of time to type as we have to move on soon to see Capernum, where Jesus had his home base and performed most of his miracles!! 

But I will leave you with some of the words of the song that is still lingering:

Make me salt, make me light, let your holy fire ignite,

reveal your glory in my life

for i am not ashamed to lift up your holy name

make me salt make me light

More to come soon!!  Pray for more free and random internet access!! 🙂

Love you all



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  1. Amy says:

    I rarely comment but what a beautiful experience you shared with us..thanks!

  2. Shannon D. Stewart says:

    All I can say is WOW!!! I can’t begin to tell you how amazing I think it is that you are there. I am thrilled to hear from you that you are hearing God speak to you. I will continue to pray that He will reveal Himself to you in every place you visit.

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