A couple of photos (thanks jeff)

Time for a quick commercial break, these blogs and photos are brought to you by Jeff Trexel, president and CEO of Infoition.   I am using his laptop and these photos were taken with his ultra fancy camera.

My favorite place —  the Galilee

From the top of Mount Carmel.

From the top of a very high mountain in Israel.  We took a look inside an Israeli bunker, and outside the bunker was a coffee shop called Coffee Anan (see if you can catch the pun) and this crossroads sign.  See if you can make out “Washington, DC” just above our heads, as well as, Jerusalem, and Damascus.  We spent a good part of the day just along the northern border of Israel and Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan.  An amazing experience.

A view of the ortherside of the sign

A group from India being baptized in the Jordan River

Nazareth, childhood home of Jesus

This guy was playing “When the Saints Go Marchin In” as our group bounded the hill towards the house of Mary in Nazareth.

Home of Mary, the mother of Jesus.  A church is built over it.

Brian preaching in a synagogue in Nazareth

The Gates of Megiddo (i blogged on the plains or valley of megiddo earlier, but I failed to mention that megiddo was also a stronghold above the valley that was fortified by King Solomon as a critical defense post for his kingdom.

Worshiping in Caesarea

Wide Shot of Caeserea Ampitheater

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  1. Shannon D. Stewart says:

    Thanks for posting the pictures. It makes me feel like (sort of) that I am there with you.

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