Side Note: Expelled!! No Intelligence Allowed

No Intelligence Allowed

OK friends– this movie is a must see!  I had the opportunity to preview this film over a month ago and I must say its an eye opening, thought provoking, heartbreaking and knee slapping good time.  Sounds strange, I know, but trust me — even if you think you are not interested in this debate, the movie itself is highly entertaining, message aside! And the soundtrack is pretty sweet. 

If you have not yet heard about this film, let me bring you up to speed.

Ben Stein (Bueller, Bueller) is much larger than the 1980’s cult classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  Aside from this movie, Clear Eyes, and win Ben Stein’s money, I must admit I didn’t know too much about this man until I had the chance to attend a private screening of his new movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

Since I only knew of Stein through the eyes of Hollywood, I decided to do a quick google search to get the full picture relative to his interest in producing such a movie.  After landing on his home page and reading his bio, I was surprised to learn that he is a Yale Law valedictorian, accomplished university professor, economist, national columnist, and former presidential speech writer for Nixon, to name a few of his life’s endeavors.

After learning a little more about who Ben Stein is, it started to make more sense as to WHY he would make a movie like this. 

In 2006, British biologist Richard Dawkins wrote a book called The God Delusion.  In “Expelled,” Stein interviews a number of intellectuals, including Dawkins, concerning their theories on creationism.  Stein also interviews individuals who identify with the theory of Intelligent Design and shows how those who support ID have been “Expelled” from the scientific community because of their beliefs. 

I think folks of all ages and from all ideologies will find this movie worth their while.  For more check out the trailers below:

Short Story:

Long Story:

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  1. Benjamin Franklin says:

    this movie appears to be lied, deceptions and fraud.

    Examples – the company XVIVO, which produced a video of the cell for Harvard called the Inner Life, has charged that Expelled has violated their copyright by copying thier video.

    Questions are being raised that Expelled has not properly licenced the music in the film including beatles songs.

    The opening scene where Ben Stein gives a lecture at Peperdine is not filled with Pepperdine students, but extras hired to be in the scene. Officials at Pepperdine state that virtually all of the Pepperdine students accept the theory of Evolution.

    The producers of Expelled secured interviews with scientists dishonestly, by telling them that the movie they would be making, calling it Crossroads, and presenting it as a film abouth the intersection fo science and religion. Dunring this time, as reportined in interviews with Ben stein, they had already secured the website for Expelled the movie, and had planned the movie to try and cast scientists as atheists and that Darwin was a cuasative factor in Hitler’s holocaust.

    Go to see this movie, if you must, with the understanding that what is presented is dishonest, misleading, and doesnt show the truth..

  2. Shawn Wood says:

    Questions have been raised about the origination of some of the animation used in our movie EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed. Claims that we have used any animation in an unauthorized manner are simply false. Premise Media created the animation that illustrates cellular activity used in our film.- The Producers of “EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed”

  3. Darron S says:

    If the expelled people paid a 3D artist to make a facimile copy of the Harvard video they could be in serious trouble. Harvard has the resources of a small country at their disposal. If they really did base the video on harvard’s video I hope harvard sues the producers of this movie into the red. Make them take a net loss on the film. That should make up for the level of intellectual dishonesty that went into the film.

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