My Little Girl!!

Introducing…. TASHA!!!

Today I found out that I am officially approved to be the sponsor of a sweet little girl I met on my mission trip last summer!! 

Her name is Tasha:)  She is three years old, likes to color, play, and follow her big sister, Tata, around.  She also has a big brother named Carlos. 

This little family captured my heart while we worked teaching ESL in the Compassion International school these children attend.  Carlos and Tata are already sponsored, and little Tasha was too young to be enrolled in the program when we first met back in August. 

Now that Tasha is enrolled in the Compassion program, she can begin attending the classes and enjoying the benefits of sponsorship. 

These kids mom also works in the Compassion center, she works in the kitchen cooking meals for the children and helps chase the other little ones who are there with their moms and too young to be enrolled int he program just yet. 

When I got the email today saying that I was officially Tasha’s sponsor, I got sooo excited!  I really felt the thrill of pure joy to know that the Lord Jesus is going to use this new relationship between my family and Tasha’s to bring glory to His name and that Tasha and her family will be blessed as a result of the work Compassion International is doing in SE Asia. 

If you ever thought about sponsoring a child, why wait?  There are thousands of little girls and boys all over the world who are waiting for the love, generosity and commitment of a sponsor.  For only $32 a month, the child you sponsor receives education, food, clothing, and will learn that the reason they are being cared for is because Jesus loves them and cares about what happens to them.  Its really a small sacrifice for us that reaps HUGE benefits in the lives of the children who are sponsored and their families. 

Click Here to read more personal stories from sponsors. 




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  1. Praise the Lord! May He bless you and little Tasha. You know, you said it’s a small sacrifice to sponsor a child, but I’ve been thinking… it’s not a sacrifice at all for the majoirty of us.

    I have yet to meet anyone who said of the dollar-a-day they spend on child sponsorship, “You know, it’s to much of a sacrifice–I wish I had that dollar back.”

    God bless.


    (*might you add Jesus + Compassion to your blog roll)

  2. angel says:

    so sweet…she is precious!! so special that you were able to really interact with her during our time there.

  3. ian says:

    What an opportunity! To meet a child and then to find out that you can sponsor her. I’m so happy for you! The Lord is good!

  4. AnnieLaure,
    How wonderful that you were able to sponsor this beautiful child. Tasha is a doll and looks so happy.

    I also sponsor many children but with the organization called “His Hands Support Ministries” in Haiti and one in the Congo.
    I have met all seven of my Haitian children that I sponsor and that personal connection is priceless. I have been their twice and going again in 2009 with mission team. 100% of the fees go to the children because it is an all volunteer program. Also, it is only $80.00 a year to sponsor a child.
    Please check out my children on my blog, I think you will enjoy it. God bless you and all the work you do with Compassion.
    In His name,

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