RagamuffinTop Challenge!!

One of my favorite bloggers, Los @ Ragamuffin Soul, has issued a weight loss challenge to his readers and I am accepting the challenge.

Each weekend I, along with about 50 other bloggers, are committing to post our progress on our blog and link up to the RagamuffinTop Challenge page so that we can have sort of an online community to encourage us all on towards our goal. I am all about online community so I am jumping in to the game.

Well, since my primary blog is already so all over the place, I decided to start a new blog for the RagamuffinTop Challenge. All my posts will be found on this new blog… 10lbsFromNormal… along with any other blogging insights I may have relative to this topic.

The challenge started yesterday, so I am technically a day late. But today, June 2, 2008, I formally accept Los’ Challenge and I gladly raise him 30 lbs!!

While this blog’s title is 10lbsFromNormal(I’ll explain that later); my personal goal is 30lbs to lose. Ideally, I would like to lose 10lbs a month leading up to a wedding I am attending Labor Day weekend with family I have not seen since my wedding day, April 30, 2005– and my skinniest day as an adult woman.

So if you are reading this first post, I have a couple of ideas to share:

  • Join the club! Go to the RagamuffinTop Challenge home page and to sign up or follow along
  • Let me know your tips, tricks, helpful websites, favorite recipes, exercise routines, whatever you have found helpful in keeping your inner RagamuffinTop underwraps
  • Have fun with it! I am going to be VERY HONEST on this blog… so if you don’t want to hear it, consider this fair warning. If you are ready to be real and/or accept the challenge, rock on sistas and bruthas. Lets Do This!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Gretchin says:

    I just started the weight loss challenge also and I am stopping by to get to know some people. I just started last sat. so I am a week behind but still so excited to meet new people and lose weight! I hope to come back and visit soon!


  2. Leah says:

    We had the same wedding photographer! 🙂

    This is a great idea for keeping people accountable for weightloss. Thanks for the tips and ideas to come!

  3. Vane Brown says:

    I just joined the challenge and am browsing around getting to know some of the other participants. I wish you the best as you work towards your goal.

  4. indulf says:

    hey good luck 🙂 we’re all in it together 🙂

  5. Julie says:

    http://www.sparkpeople.com you can log in and record your goals for weightloss, it will then tell you how many calories, fat grams and grams of protein you should have per day. you also can log what you eat so it counts the calories etc for you. it’s awesome and it works. oh AND IT’S FREE.

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