Two New Blogs To Check Out

Two of my dear friends have just launched into the blogging world and I wanted to share their pages with you here. 


By Edward Hunt.  Brian and I got to know Edward when he and his wife Kailea led our mission trip to Argentina in 2006.  The Hunts have since become good friends, and Brian and I are excited that Edward has started this blog.  Edward serves as the Campus Pastor for Frontline Arlington where Brian and I attend church.  The sermon is delivered each week by Frontline‘s teaching pastor, Todd Phillips, so Lord willing, Edwards blog will serve as a means by which the Arlington Campus can connect with him as their campus pastor.  Edward has had some interesting life experiences that will certainly bring some color to the blog, which he named “Thirst after one of his life verses from Psalm 63, “O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you…”


By: Cari Garrett.  Cari is one of my best friends from college.  She was my big sister in ZTA, the only other person besides Brian who has shared a closet with me, and my personal ambassador of the Quan. Cari has a way of communicating that’s both witty and winsome.  She just started blogging today, but I know the posts will be free flowing.  Cari is a mother of three and lives in the Nashville area. Moms will especially love reading her blogs.  Check here out at

That it for today!  Happy Monday.

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