Palin Speech…

I did not stay up to watch Sarah Palin’s speech. I am going to try and catch it online at some point today. I went to be early last night, around 9 pm. When I woke up this morning, I had tons of twitters about the speech! What made me laugh was that I dont think I even need to read a news story about the speech to know what she said, I got it all from my friends on Twitter! So I am pasting some of the tweets below, just for fun: (these are displayed from last to first. start at the bottom and scroll up)

CajunTiger generator is going off, so time for me to call it a night

Admore “Here is a fact of American politics: If you make us laugh we spread your line for free.”

loswhit Poor McCain. He picked a winner. But I wouldn’t wanna follow that.Tomorrow night is going to remind all that he’s running, not her.

CajunTiger Palin just ROCKED big time!!! She was absolutely the best pick!!!

readscott very impressed with ms palin. Great speech. Strong stances. Cute laugh. The last one’s definitely the most important.

stevenrussell You haven’t had fun until you watched a Republican give a speech in a newsroom.

timastevens Game on. Obama will not sleep well tonight. The presidential race is getting fun!

bhillford Pivotal night of the election. McCain now looks like a genius.

loswhit Sarah Palin was nails. Watching it again…

bfarley90 seriously the grfx on the backdrop screen looks like bad powerpoint

tpmorgan lined up an interview with sarah palin tonight…or someone that looks just like her. stay tuned.

bfarley90 for the record I think that the RNC has the cheesiest set I have ever seen for a convention… a speech in front of a black wall??

TheLadyV one doesn’t have to like country music to be republican right? i’m conservative on some issues but i can’t listen to country for long

TheLadyV No doubt about it – Palin pick has energized Republicans! So far, not a bad move for McCain. Still, lots of time left til Nov 4

mrsgrasso Ooohhhh Baracuda!

TheLadyV heh. Really good Daily Show comparison of Karl Rove clips praising Palin’s experience but smashing Kaine’s experience

terrystorch Wow, Palin makes McCain look REALLY OLD! Oh, he is really old.

terrystorch Sarah Palin was amazing! Her speach was amazing, her passion real, her convictions solid. I vote for a ticket flip…Sarah for President! )

stevenrussell She was good. Can’t wait to see what McCain does to follow that up. I almost wonder if that is going to be a let down after this.

loswhit Cute family. The baby daddy cleaned up well.

TheLadyV This is so great. #rnc08 and #dnc08 speeches are just like really long “yo mama” insults and jokes. anyone have a comparison of best lines?

loswhit And as she is winding down…after all the one liners…I think she is gonna get hammered by the media.I like her, but her speech’s all hype

dawnnicole I wonder who HER speech writer is.. if she even has one

kemmeyer Who wants to marry Sarah Palin besides me?

rthrush Icon_red_lockPalin seems to have her act together.

loswhit She is using her index finger like they taught us to use it at Disneyland. Never point. It is not a good thing in some countries.

TheLadyV Since when does fighting in a war make you qualified for president? My bro-in-law served in Afghanistan & tho I love him, he’s not qualified

loswhit Hey. Did John McCain fight in some war or something?

bhillford Watching Palin knock it out of the park.

TheLadyV LOL – just saw a reference to Caribou Barbie … that’s cruel, just cruel.

stevenrussell I can’t believe she is going after Obama like this with all the baby mama drama going on in her family. Wondering if Obama brings it now.

TheLadyV #rnc08 “using change to promote a career vs career to promote change” Definitely Palin’s best line so far

dawnnicole preach it sistah.

shawnwood she went after the columns – this is classic – I really want to meet her speech writer – good stuff – she is delivering perfectly

loswhit Feisty. Grrrr. Am loving her sauciness but it’s all sauce right now. Let’s talk about what THEY will do. Not what Obama will do.

RobTornoe “Obama doesn’t even want to torture our prisoners!” Woo Woo!!!!

RobTornoe Boy, the VFW didn’t like her “Iraq” dig on Obama

shawnwood no offense to Cheney, but it would be fun to actually remember we have a vp…

RobTornoe For all the build-up, I think this speech has been pretty lame. Thoughts?

TheLadyV In the caucuses?!? Oh that didn’t help her at all….

loswhit What were her kids names again? Honey Dew, Water Lilly, and Shooting Star?

TheLadyV Saved half a billion but submitted a proposal for $700 milion in earmakks for AK to stevens earlier this year. Sigh

TheLadyV Oh come ON! I know there MUST more important things that she’s done other than put a plane on ebay and firing the cook!!! Say SOMETHING

dawnnicole she ebay’d the jet. that’s even funnier

loswhit I like her. I have a better idea. Have her run for President. I think she has a better shot than the old guy.

TheLadyV Cute joke. Wonder for how long she’s been saving that one

loswhit My wife is barfing at the fact that I get all up in this stuff. She said she would vote for @ablossom instead of all these fools.

TheLadyV Did she ever actually tell us what the mayor of 5000 people does?

TheLadyV I wish I were a republican speechwriter. Such an easy audience, man. Palin has yet to say anything meaningful.

RobTornoe Haha- guess a protester got in! Where’s Bill Maher when you need him

loswhit WOW!!! DANG!!! She just clowned Obama

cnnbrk Gov. Sarah Palin receives a standing ovation, tells convention she will accept the party’s vice presidential nomination.

dawnnicole she is exactly what this campaign needs

mrsgrasso Loving Palin

RobTornoe Palin IS experienced to be VP…she’s got a wacky, everyday family! from web

RobTornoe Here, take this baby while Mommie talks about me.

loswhit I swear Palin’s hair is brilliant. Great choice.

TheLadyV Aw. The little palin girl is so cute

TheLadyV Huh. Did john mccain once say that he’d rather lose an election than a war? I feel like maybe I’ve been told he said it.

melissalewis Go Sarah

TheLadyV Just tuning in to #rnc08. Palin looks a touch nervous, but who can blame her?

stevenrussell Kudos to Rudy on a good speech. Too bad no one is going to remember any of it. The main event is up now.

stevenrussell I think she might be more popular than McCain.

dawnnicole she DOES look like Tina Fey!

terrystorch Excited about Sarah Palins speach. Here we go.

confidentblog Watching history happen people. Go Sarah! Yay for a possible first woman VP.

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