I hate going over a week without posting. So here are some stream of consciousness thoughts for comment and reflection…

The Economy

I wont belabor this, I will only say that we have a 5year interest only ARM that expires in December 2010. Pray for us!

The Job

The last 5 days have been the busiest and most emotionally/spiritually pressing I have experienced since 9-11 – honestly. I can’t share all the details, but the most public and most exhausting has been dealing with the media inquires surrounding the murder of a young woman who attends my church. All of my attention and energies have been poured into this, as well as, assisting with the memorial arrangements.

The Man

Systematic Theology is owning my husband right now. I get to interact with him occasionally on the weekends and on Monday nights at church. Its an interesting season in terms of that, but its good. I am enjoying editing his papers and discussing what he is learning. We are both excited and hopeful to see where God leads, and how he uses us in the coming years.

The Mission

Preparations for our mission trip to Kenya are coming along. We have had 2 team meetings and the team seems really excited. We have our third meeting and team retreat coming up in October which should gbe good times as always. We are also excited about another trip to Africa that we are coaching the leaders – Angel and Jason from our last mission to SE Asia in 2007. Africa is definitely on the radar for the next 6-8 months.

The Dreams

I have been thinking more and more about writing. I am coming up on the one year anniversary of my blog. I started this blog in November 2007. After a year of disciplined prose I am considering whats next. I think there could be more than just the blog. But if you ask Brian he will tell you I am a chicken and wont stretch myself to do more. Time Will Tell.

The Spiritual Side

Despite this being a whirlwind season of life, I am very happy to share that the God time is really good right now. I am in the middle of a study on the Names of God and am picking up a new study on Grace. The Names of God study I am doing on my own, the Grace study I am doing with a group of women at my church. I am very excited to build community with these women and discuss Grace with them to learn from them and come out of this study with a firm understanding of God’s Grace.  And to boot, my small group is studying Romans.  This has really been interesting especially how the Romans verses have meshed with the other studies.  Romans may end up being my favorite book of the New Testament.

The Political Side

I can’t tell you how happy I am to observe this year’s election cycle as an innocent bystander. I’ve enjoyed seeing the hype through a new set of eyes and honestly think that 50 thousand Obama signs on Rt. 7 isn’t going to make a difference at the polls. But a viral spread of Palin interviews on YouTube could. Again, Time Will Tell.

Mind, Body and Soul

I’ve really enjoyed getting into a new exercise class at the Gold’s Gym. Its called Body Pump and its basically a 50 minute weight lifting class, but you use light weights and multiple reps. I really like the class and I feel so much stronger and better about myself. My friend Natalie got me into it, and even Brian comes with me from time to time. With him being in school we spend a good bit of quality time at the Gold’s Gym. Maybe I will write an article on how Gold’s Gym saved my marriage while my husband was in seminary. JUST KIDDING! In reality though, I am finding that peace of mind is achieved through consistent God time and attention to taking care of my bod. I may be under as much stress as Ive ever been under, but I am handling it different because I have safe havens in place to detox from the stress. And I can’t discount the wonderful women in my life who are on call to help me process the many things that are going on, most of which are listed above, others which are not suitable for all audiences. 🙂

So there you go. Blatantly self indulgent, yet perfectly honest and real. Once things settle down, these times should produce some interesting blogs. Maybe a collection of blogs, that become articles , that become chapters in a book?

Time Will Tell.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Shannon says:

    So sorry that the last few weeks have been so crazy for you. But I know that God will use this time in your life to continue to grow you into the woman that He wants you to be!!!

  2. Meg Moore says:

    Wow. Thanks for the vulnerability! Very encouraging!

  3. ALC, so glad you posted this so I could catch up on what’s going on with you. Trust me when I say I can really relate with some of what you are going through!!!!!

    I agree with with Brian, go ahead and stretch yourself! Give it a whirl. Who knows what doors might open?!

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