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  1. sgtphoenix says:

    I can answer before even going to frontline. Jesus said that you shall know the truth, there are several references in the bible that states that God will reveal Himself to you.

    There is truth in the scriptures, you just have to read, learn and not depend on what the main stream churches teach, you must believe His words, not their interpretation of them.

  2. Robbie says:

    Jesus is the son of God, those who don’t beleive in the christian beleif system then unless they turn to the truth they will all go to hell. God sent Jesus as a gift to Virgin Mary who couldn’t or atleast did not want kids. Jesus is not a myth. He did not come out of nothing, that is the myth that people beleive in and that makes them think that the story of Jesus is NOT real, though he is. Jesus was sent down by angels that can not be seen because the power of God keeps them hidden so if you beleive in him your reward will be going to heaven with him and seeing thses angels. mary was scared at first have had invisible angels bring a baby down to her, but she soon heard God’s voice say, “Shall you take care of my baby who will later die for our sins. Mary eccepted Jesus because she loved God and knew that God was with her. Mary’s freind, Joseph helped Mary raise Jesus. Jesus grew up with out making even the littlest sin. This is because he was made DIRECTLY from God like we all were but the touch of the angels and God’s love made him completely bold, God made him this way because he knew that Jesus would later become the Lord or the Messiah. Jesus was later, around when he was 35 was killed and starved. Jesus knew that God needed him and that God was real that was why he let the three killers starve him and nail him to a cross. Jesus died and was burried. Later Jesus rose to heaven. This is the part people DON’T beleive in. Not because they’re not good people but because it’s almost so wonderful to even imagine about. The rising of Jesus was hard for the disciples to explain to the followers because it was so amazing that it could hardly be explained. Though the desciples DID say, “There was a light, a light that made you feel the best you could ever feel. Then you heard a voice, God’s voice, say that Jesus rose to heaven and that we would all have a chance to go to heaven with God even if we sinned. But if we do not beleive in God nor the Lord Jesus christ then we will go to hell. Hell is the moment of darkness that it would be like if there was NO God.” The followers passed on this word. It is with us today to deside if we accept Jesus into our hearts. People have always been making up myths about other unreal Saviors or Jesuses. But there is only one. If your a chrisitan you know exactly who the REAL God is, so keep beleiving and don’t let anyone else confuse you less! -LOVE GOD AND JESUS UNTILL YU DIE and see them with YOUR OWN eyes!

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