Dreams, Good and Bad, With a Dash of the Occasional Nightmare

My dreams are totally whack. Seriously. If there was someway to capture on film, or digital format, the content of my mind once I actually fall to sleep, I think one of several things could happen:

1. I would put Steven Spielberg out of biznass

2. I would make tons of $$$$ and retire early

3. I would get a recurring spot on Dr. Phil

4. I would be committed

Ive often tried to explain my dreams to people but I get that awful stare that says, I like you and all but keep your weird side to yourself. So Ive stopped trying to explain them.

So why am I writing a blog about this, you ask?

Because last night the weirdness went to a new level.

While I have the garden variety of dreams… dreams about falling, dreams of being chased, dreams of being naked in places its not OK to be naked, and so forth… one of the most prominent of the garden variety would be my recurring dreams.

In high school I had a recurring dream that my long-time boyfriend would cheat on me (which he eventually did). In college I had a recurring dream about my wedding day. I would wake up in the middle of the day, either walking down the aisle, in the bride room getting dressed, or in th car on the way to the church and in my dream the panic ensued when I realized I had NO IDEA WHO THE GROOM WAS.

Once I moved to DC I had a recurring dream that a plane flew into the capitol dome, but that is easily explained by the fact that I lived on the Hill on 9-11 and in the months following was regularly wakened by the sound of fighter jets patrolling overhead.

After I married Brian and moved OUT of the DC (to the burbs) the recurring dreams ceased for a good 2 years. Lately they have taken on a strange form.

While I have 3 categories of recurring dream, today I will focus on one, which I fondly refer to as the School Dream.

In this dream, I am either back at high school or college. I am still 31 years old, but everyone else is young(the appropriate age for such a life stage). I am either
1. late for class and dont know where class is
2. confused about my class schedule or dont have a schedule and am trying to get one
3. suddenly realizing that I have been skipping a particular class for weeks
4. suddenly realizing that I have a test in the class Ive been skipping for weeks
5. suddenly realizing that I only attend the classes I like and am about to fail out of school

these are all interchangeable between high school and college. the specifically college dreams include variants of the following:
1. I am back at Union and trying to go back to ZTA meetings but they say I am too old to come
2. I am back at Union and have no idea who I am going to room with in the dorms because I am older than all the other students
3. I am back at Union with all the roommates I actually had at Union but we are all married yet still live together in the dorm (no sign of husbands)
4. I am back at Union and everything has changed so much I cant find my way around
5. I am in desperate search of my college adviser to help me make sense of it all

Typically in all of my dreams it is within the first week of starting a semester. So there is that sense of “first day of school” anxiety lingering throughout each scene.

Now that Ive given you the back ground, let me tell you about last night.

In my dream, I was at Union. But this time it was the second semester. I had apparently made it through the first semester, skipping the classes I didn’t like and passing despite being on the verge of failing, and its the entire class schedule thing all over again. Everyone is getting ready for class and I realize I have NO IDEA where I am going, then I realize that I am married and wonder why I am back in college, and I also realize I am OLD and everyone else is like 19 years old.

In this dream I was roommates with one of my younger sorority sisters(who in reality is now married with children). Neither of us were married in the dream but she was dating a guy I work with currently in real life (who also happens to be married.) Obviously in the dream these people were single but the weird part is that there is NO WAY these people would ever meet in real life. And the male co-worker of mine she was dating in my dream was wearing these tricked out cowboy boots, which is totally ludicrous if you knew the person you would know what I am talking about.

Anyway, in the dream not only am I freaking out because its now second semester and I still don’t have a class schedule or know what the heck I am doing there or why I am back at Union despite having a husband and a job I love somewhere in a distant memory, there is a serial killer on the loose and is breaking into dorms to kill girls. Yes. Could it get any stranger? It was never clear that the serial killer was after me, but the mood of my dream reminded me of the movie Scream.

Why have I blogged this nonsense? I have no idea. I needed to tell someone. So telling the anonymous world of blogging somehow made me feel better. And the weird part is, this dream is pretty normal compared to some others Ive had.

If there is anyone out there reading this who would like to try their hand at making sense of this particular variety of recurring dream, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Sweet Dreams.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Patran says:

    I have the SAME kind of dreams – back in the dorm, I’ve skipped classes and I am not going to graduate, I’m old and trying to remember cheer routines (I blame reruns of One Tree Hill for this). If we could ever reunite we could discuss said dreams over said Red. Let’s make it happen in ’09!

  2. Patra says:

    oops – I mispelled my own name!

  3. JoAnn says:

    Well you have described the kind of dreams I have been having for years (the school thing) and I am 53!
    I haver no idea what any of it means, but if you figure it out let me know.

  4. steve says:

    I had the same dream about being back in school and that I had somehow not graduated or was missing a class or had to remake a class.

    Had the dream for years.

    Went back to school. The dream stopped.

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