Africa Calling

As you know, my husband Brian and I are going on a Global Impact mission trip to Africa. Before folks start heading out for the holidays, I wanted to send you an update about the trip and the plans since I may not get a chance to connect with each of you individually before we take off.

The mission is medical and basically we are traveling from village to village to set up a “drug store” with items you and I would find at the local CVS. We are working with the missions organization Adventures in Missions (AIM) and this mission to Kenya is a long standing relationship Global Impact has had with AIM for many years. The folks at AIM do “advance work” for the team and go out to the villages to let people know that a medical clinic is coming through town. We arrive in country armed with all the over the counter medication and other health and hygiene accoutrements we can carry and travel from village to village to see patients. There are medical professionals on our team, although Brian and I are not medical professionals, our job will be to minister to those waiting to be seen through evangelism, skits, games, and other relational activities. We are also planning on hosting clinics in Kibera – one of the world’s largest slums.

And we just learned that we will be staying in mud huts and our restroom facilities will be a hole in the ground outside of the mud hut. If you know me well, you know this will be a challenge for me! Please pray! 🙂

Every time a Global Impact team leaves for a mission, there is a send off at the church where friends and family come and surround the team and pray the team off to the work of the Lord. This is always a very special time to me. I am excited that my parents will be there this year, as they are coming up from Tennessee to spend Christmas with us due to the timing of our trip. If you are interested in attending the send off email me for info.

Finally, the team has worked really hard to prepare for the mission and now more than ever we need the prayers of God’s people to cover us as we head out. Several on the team are battling cold/flu season sickness (self included) and some are dealing with the negative implications of our economy, even to the point of losing jobs. Please pray for our team to have faith and for God to give us grace as we take each step.

Many friends have asked if we are going to the “dangerous” part of Kenya and while most of the “unrest” of last year was on the east side of the country we will be more on the west side of the country. But in life, there are dangers around every corner whether in Washington, DC or Kenya.  So we would LOVE to know that you are praying for us as we set out on this journey. Within the next week we will have created a “prayer passport” that we are posting on our website with specific prayer requests from each of our team members and from the team as a whole so check back to the site for that as well.

Also, if you are praying, please pray that we meet our fundraising goal as a team.  Brian and I have reached our part of the goal- Praise God- thankfully to the prayers and support of you on this email!!!!  So a huge thank you and PTL for that!  But the team as a whole is still working to meet our goal.  If you would like to learn more about the financial goals for this mission please visit our website This site explains the trip, what we hope to accomplish, and how others can help.

Unfortunately I wont be able to blog live from Africa as I did in Israel, but I will be old school blogging (a.k.a journaling) and retyping some entries here once I get back.

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