Ok.  Here is video numero uno.  I have several more to share, but this one is the big daddy.  20 minutes, full on Kenya glory.  There is a shorter version.  I will post that tomorrow.  This video does a decent job of capturing the activities we did on our medical mission to Kenya.

Many of you supported this mission, and for that we THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts.

Here is a quick run down of how your support was used for God’s glory:

1. We fed upwards of 600 kids and adults on two separate occasions.

2. We treated upwards of 500 adults in a medical clinic, and countless children through ear cleanings

3. We went into two separate schools and held educational programming, skits and songs

4. We led a discussion on sex and abstinence for a school of 12-15 year olds.

5. We got to know a pastor named Steve and his wife Mary and learned about their vision to bring hope and healing to the VERY RURAL community of Eburru Kenya, 9000 feet above the Great Rift Valley in Kenya.  Part of this vision is to open an Orphanage for the countless kids without adults to care for them.  Our team is now working together to come up with a way to help make that orphanage a reality- stay tuned for more details.

6. We built a mud hut kitchen for Pastor Steve’s church in Eburru.  We walked a good mile to a watering hole, filled our canisters with water, carried them back to the work site, tilled the dirt, used the water to make mud, stomped the mud like grapes, and then filled in the walls of a  one room bamboo structure.  For many of the people we met, this is similar to the homes they live in.

7. We shared the gospel with as many people as the Lord would allow us to share.  We went on home visits, we went into a bar, we went into stores in the slums of Kibera and my husband (so proud!) shared boldly in the middle of the street in Kibera to a crowd of about 25 men and children.  15 came to believe on the Lord that we know of.  Pastor Timothy, our partner in Kibera, will be following up with these folks in discipleship and helping get them involved in one of the churches in Kibera.

These are only 7 very BROAD snapshots of our work.  You will see alot of this in the video below.  I will be writing stories and sharing photos and more videos to go with the stories in the coming days.  I have another 4 day weekend this weekend so get ready!  Next week there should be alot of Kenya goodness on this blog.

And the new header image on the blog is a wide shot of an African plain in the heart of the Masai Mara.  We are so blessed to be a blessing.

Please pray for us as we continue working in Eburru and Kibera.  We have many hopes and dreams as a team to continue the work.  I will be sharing more about that here as well when we have something concrete to share.

Enjoy the Movie!


Musical Score:

Circle of Life: The Lion King

Life in Technicolor: Coldplay

Yahweh: U2

Albertine: Brooke Frasier

Can’t go Back Now: The Weepies

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  1. rspilhaus says:

    This is a beautiful video. Great job with it!

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