Road Trip!

I LOVE roadtrips so much. I have been on quite a few in my day but since Brian and I got married we have not been on too many. He doesnt like roadtrips at all. Plus its difficult to justify taking precious vacation days to spend in the car.

So this roadtrip will be with the girls. The college girls that is.




(The Last Time We Were ALL Together)

We just booked a long weekend in DESTIN FLORIDA for October.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to spend some QT with these ladies.  I have such amazing cool friends.  All of them are moms with amazing husbands.  I am so proud of who they are and how they live.  I can’t wait to get reaquainted with all of them!

Im flying to Atlanta and roadtripping the rest of the way with the ladies.  And I am already working on the playlist.  This is going to be good times people.  Good times indeed.

What is your favorite roadtrip music?

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  1. Shannon Stewart says:

    I was wondering if I could go on this road trip with you? Oh wait…I will have newborn twins by then. But since you will be in the should stop by to see me and my new babies!!!

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