Testing wordpress from the road

I’ve never used my iPhone to post a blog but I am board on a road trip and thought I’d give it a try.

Brian and I just got back from a great week first with amazing friends at the outer banks North Carolina, then visiting family in Aiken SC and finally to our dear friends Jenny and John’s wedding in GA. As I type we are on I 95 only a few miles from Richmond. We had a good time but were both ready to be back. I miss my routine and for the first time ever I miss my work! It’s such a blessing to enjoy your work so much that You look forward to coming back after vacation. We have several exciting projects going on and I have an amazing team to work with. I am ready to get back and get in the groove.

Tomorrow I am super excited to be going to Wolf Trap to see one of my favorite musicians in concert- Patty Griffin. If you’ve never heard her stuff check her out on I tunes.

Well that’s about all I got. I think it’s almost my turn to drive so I am gonna wrap this post for now.

Happy Summer!

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  1. rspilhaus says:

    We missed you too!

    We managed not to break anything while you were gone.

  2. johntalks says:

    try the pictures on this wordpress app for iphone.

    I like that part for sure

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