15 dollars can do more than save a life in Eburru

Now that Jeff is back from Kenya, I have compiled all his videos and photos on my computer and came out with the first of I’m sure several videos of whats going on in Eburru.  This video shows, at a very high level excatly whats going on in Eburru, a few interviews with the in country ministry directors, Pastor Steve and his brother Jonathan, as well as some clips of the property we are attempting to finance that will be converted into a community care center, with the long term vision of having schools, dorms, medical facilities and more all on 10 acres of land 8000 feet above the Great Rift Valley.  The property needs a ton of work, and this video shows a little of that.  But the best part of the video is the closing shot of about 17 children who David’s Hope International sponsored this past week.  For only 15 dollars these kids have school paid for this year, guarenteeing them clothing, food, and education… for only $15 bucks!

A little goes a long way in Eburru.

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