Need Advice on Paris and Italy

Brian and I are planning a big trip to France and Italy for October 2010. I know thats like 14 months away, but we are having fun planning and want to be sure that we have a perfect experience. We will be celebrating Brian finishing his Masters and our 5 year anniversary! 🙂

I think many of you have been to Italy and France so I wanted to tap into you for advice, tips, and off the beaten path ideas.

Right now, our plan is to visit Paris, Florence/Tuscany, Venice, and Rome in give or take 16 days. We are planning to go over a federal holiday in October so that we will have at least 1 three day weekend planted in the time so we can try to take 10-12 work days off not counting weekends.

We have all the Rick Steeves books and I am steadily compiling a long bookmark list for my web browser. We are planning to see all the “big sites” etc but what I am hoping to learn from you is, what was your FAVORITE….

1. Place to stay

2. Restaurant

3. Unique experience

4. Advice for getting around in country

If you dont mind commenting with your thoughts, I would love your advice! And if you are local, we would be happy to host you for supper to talk about your experiences in these beautiful countries. 🙂

Hope to hear from some experienced Paris/Italy travelers soon!!

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  1. Scott Benham says:


    I’ll make this short b/c nostalgia could kick in at any point and cascade into a 5000 word report of suggestions.

    1) Cinque Terre
    – You have your choice of 5 villages with 12K to stay in (I’m partial to Riomaggiore)
    – Buy the Cinque Terre Card to enjoy the hike along the olive-grove lined, albeit steep coast
    – Bask in the sun on one of the may rock beaches and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean.
    – Seafood, Wine, Pasta…CHECK!

    2) Florence
    – enjoy a sunset atop the Michelangelo Plaza with some authentic gelato (they sell it up there)
    – Walk the streets at night to watch the street performers (Piazza della Signoria)

    Depending on budget you can stay in hostels or hotels and take in the country side by purchasing a Eurorail (or EuroItaly pass).


    1. AnnieLaurie says:

      Thanks Scott!!! That sounds heavenly!

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