I’m Mrs. Brightside

So, I have started a new blog-venture.  I am calling it The Daily Bright Side blog and I am going to be talking about all things beautiful, lovely, tasty, savory, joyful, inspiring, and BRIGHT.

I know this sounds like it could go cheesy in 0-60 but I promise it wont.  I see things all the time that I find to be inspiring or that brighten my day.  And after my friendly customer service starbucks experience last week I have decided to capture all the brightness in one place.

The best part about The Daily Bright Side blog is that I hope it becomes collaborative.  If any of you have a daily bright side to share from a personal experience, send your bright side to me and I will post it on the Daily Bright Side blog.  Words, photos, music, video, you name it.  If its bright and it inspires I will post it!

Ive set it all up fancy like so you can check my brightness out at:



You can sign up for a daily dose of brightness in your inbox.

Either way, I think this is going to be a lot of fun.  I will still be blogging here at my living canvas about God Marriage Missions Music and Life…  but check out The Bright Side blog for the inspiration behind the canvas.

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