Will the Lady have the Salad? NO!

Last night husband and I went to have dinner at one of our favorite places:  Sweet Water Tavern.  The food is sooooooooo good.  Its our fall back date night and the first place we recommend to friends looking for recommendation in NoVa.

We sat down to dinner a little later than normal last night because yesterday we discovered that our Frigidaire had bit the dust so  after work we spent 2 hours at Sears shopping for a replacement. Once all the dotted lines were signed for delivery and haul away, it was 8:30 pm — a pretty late dinner for the Walters.

After all the trauma and turmoil of the day I wanted nothing more than a big fat juicy cheeseburger and fries.  So that is what I ordered.  Husband, the more disciplined of the two of us (he has two black belts), ordered the ahi tuna salad.

So when the orders were delivered to the table, the runner tried to give me the salad.  Not a big deal, I can see why he may think that.  Well, as I enjoyed my delicious burger I watched as two other couples had the same experience.  The men had the salad, the women had the burger and the runner tried to give the woman the salad EVERY TIME.

I found this to be highly amusing.  The guy bringing the food to the table was probably just a runner, not the actual server for the table.  He also looked to be about 17 years old.  He is obviously too young to understand that women eat meat!  🙂

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