Upcoming Book Review: Fearless, by Max Lucado

I’ll admit that I can tend to be a ‘fraidy cat… alot.  Scared of the dark, scared of things that go bump in the night, scared of spiders, scared of what people think of me, scared of bad things that may (and probably wont) happen. And the list goes on. This is why I am super excited that, in my role as a Thomas Nelson book review blogger, I have just received an advanced copy of Max Lucado’s new book: FEARLESS


My sense is that this book is going to be less about fear of spiders and the dark and more about fear of real dangers in uncertain times.  Because I work at a church, I know that there are a lot of people out there in the world with real live fears plaguing them daily.  Fear of not having food on the table, fear of not being able to pay rent, fear of the next round of layoffs at work, fear that a spouse is cheating, fear that a child is doing drugs, fear that the tumor is malignant.

On a broader scale, some fear the government, some fear wars and rumors of wars, some fear the pig flu and some fear the global financial crisis will get worse.

LOTS of REAL fears in the world out there. And Max Lucado has an excellent track record of taking relevant topics and pointing readers to TRUTH. Did you know that there are more than 200 verses in the Bible about being afraid?  More than 300 Bible verses mention fear.  I am excited to read this book Fearless and see how Max Lucado unpacks and applies bible truth to these uncertain times.

On September 3 I will post my “official review” of this book.

I’m not allowed to leak any news before then.

But if you want a look inside check out “The Fearless Times.

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