A New Season

I am so back!

September sucked people, ok it just sucked bad.  There were a couple of bright spots, or bright sides as the case may be, but if I had to use one word to sum up September it would have to be TANK.  So now that September is DUNZO I am SO THRILLED TO BE BACK for an exciting fun filled fall.

Its almost like I woke up from a coma this morning.  I feel like Ive been in a crazy haze since about August 20.  Maybe it was the heat or the rain or the work I really dont know what it was but this morning has been awesome and I have a feeling that tonights gonna be a good night, tomorrows gonna be a good day and this could go on and on until 2010!

I have not yet collected all the bright sides from September on my Daily Bright Side blog but on Friday night I plan to get all caught up with that so stay tuned for some fun stuff over on my happy, less narcissistic blog.

To give you a preview of some of the fun things that did happen while September was sucking…

  • I am mid way through my training for a 5K and plan to run the Wolf Trap 5K the last weekend of October
  • I have discovered some real good new music
  • I have tuned into a new favorite TV show
  • I have met 8 new friends who Brian and I will be leading in a couples small group
  • I have recruited a new apprentice for our Global Impact follow-up ministry at Frontline
  • I started discipling a dear friend of mine from our mission trip to Kenya
  • I joined a bi weekly women’s small group about finding your PURPOSE 🙂
  • I met a ton of new friends at Frontline Arlington who are interested in missions!
  • I read an AWESOME book called the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peal Pie Society
  • I started reading another AWESOME book called “What I talk about when I talk about Running” which is a memoir on the relationships between long distance running and novel writing by a international best selling author which has inspired me in my 5k training and in my writing
  • I read and reviewed two books from Thomas Nelson – Fearless by Max Lucado and The Noticer by Andy Andrews
  • I went on several GREAT dates with Brian Walters
  • I saw one of my dearest friends be married to the love of her life
  • I reconnected with an old friend

Wow, ok so maybe September didnt Tank as bad as I thought it did!  Not until I sat down to write this blog did I realize that September was actually full of good things, I just had my focus in the wrong place.

Thank God for new perspectives!

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  1. Mississippi Sue says:

    And your refrigerator went out August 9th.

    Glad that the new season has begun for you.

    But it is always good to stop and reflect when things seem out of sorts in our lives. It is then, when we will realize the many, many blessings God has placed in our lives and we realize that they were all merely blocked from our attention by our out of sorts feelings.

    Thank God, by His merciful loving kindness, we begin a new day every morning!!

    Take care and be well.

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