For the Record…

Just in case the FTC actually knows my blog exists:  I am an official book review blogger for Thomas Nelson publishing.  They send me free books.  I read the books and write what I think of the books on my blog and also on  Not all books I write about on my blog come free from Thomas Nelson.  If they do come from Thomas Nelson you will know because I always link to the publisher’s web site in my review.  All other items that I review or talk about I pay for myself.  I am not important enough to get a ton of free stuff.  But if I do get something for free I promise to disclose that to you.

Additionally, I, like most Americans, enjoy a free giveaway.  I regularly look for opportunities to get free books online.  Many publishers and agents have book giveaways on their blogs.  I try to participate in those as much as possible. If you like to read, I think you should too.

Thanks for reading My Living Canvas.


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