The Bright Side of Staying Home on Labor Day: Staycation!

{Repost from My Daily Bright Side blog from September 2009}

This weekend Brian and I decided to unplug and have a good ole fashioned staycation.

If you are unfamiliar with the staycation, this is when you stay at home during a time others typically go on vacation and treat the city in which you live as your vacation destination. You do things you don’t typically do, you eat places you don’t typically eat, and otherwise take a vacation to your own home town. The benefits of the staycation are vast the most appealing being the money you save by not traveling but for us the staycation came at just the right time to unwind and let go of some work stress that had been building.

On Friday, the first day of my staycation, I completed a book I had been reading called “Fearless” by Max Lucado. After finishing “Fearless” I hit my apartment pool with another book called “The Noticer” by Andy Andrews. “The Noticer” was a quick read and a rejuvenating story that I recommend everyone find time to read. I blogged about The Noticer at My Living Canvas so check that out for a quick book review.

Later that night we drove a missions team out to the airport for departure to East Asia. At this point, the staycation wasn’t looking as appealing because I was a little jealous of my friends, bags packed and ready for a big adventure on the other side of the world, but then I remembered how relaxing it was to spend the afternoon reading by the pool and decided that thestaycation was indeed a good idea.

The evening ended with a late take-out dinner from P.F. Changs and a Monk marathon on USA.

More on the staycation coming tomorrow.

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