The Bright Side of Travel

I am planning a big vacation.

My husband and I are taking a tour of Italy and Paris in October 2010. This will probably be our last big trip before having babies. Next year will be our five year anniversary, and husband will complete his masters degree. So it seems like time to get on with the kid thing. We are both in our (early) thirties and it seems like EVERYONE is anxious for us to procreate. I am more interested in selling our 700 sq ft cracker jack box sized condo before bringing a person into the world, let along to live here with us. So we will see.

So in planning the vacation, I seem to spend hours on end looking at websites, blogs, iphone apps, podcasts, vodcasts and anything else I can get my hands on that talks about Italy. I have not started on Paris yet. This morning I spent a good part of the morning studying Italian phrases. I think I want to make some note cards and study like we did in school. I think that should help me learn the basics in time for our trip.

I also am very excited about a travel planner we will be working with. Julie Gilley from My Far and Away Itineraries is going to help us plan our trip. Actually, she is pretty much going to plan all of it. Her package is amazing, she will take care of everything from buying our tickets to making sure our guide into wine country arrives on time. Its so great, and relieving, to leave all this in the hands of an expert. For the last 10 years, Julie has traveled to Italy and other European destinations and she doesn’t recommend anything she hasn’t experienced herself. This is the part I love most. By trusting Julie to plan our trip, we are practically guaranteed to have a fool proof vacation because of her expertise and in country contacts.

Only 14 months to go!

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