A Splash of Brightness at My Living Canvas

I have finally come to grips with a reality I have long fought to admit:  I can only keep up with one blog!

If I didn’t have a full-time job I might be able to better manage my multi-tasking blogging capabilities but I confess that for now this blog will have to be it.  It finally dawned on me when I was thinking about my Daily Bright Side blog and my book review blogging and asking myself why I separate my bright sides from my main blog when I dont separate my book reviews.  My random internal processing finally landed on a decision I think we can all enjoy: The Daily Bright Side is moving to My Living Canvas.

What I have decided to do is, instead of starting entirely new and separate blogs when I want to blog about something specific, I am going to start a series here at My Living Canvas about the topic I would’ve started a new blog to cover.  The whole reason I named this blog My Living Canvas is so that I could paint on it with my words and stories, my commentary of all things I want to discuss, so why I keep starting new blogs I have no idea.  From hence forth I am bringing them all back here. (Including the long sense defunct Ten Pounds From Normal…. Coming soon!)

So for those of you who already enjoy my Daily Bright Side blog, you will see some re-runs for the next few days as I bring the blogs over to their new home. For those who never made it over to the other blog, I hope you enjoy this new series of brightness!

Thanks for reading!

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