Check Out Broke*

Will Gray, a friend from my undergrad years at Union University is producing a documentary on the music business that I find absolutely fascinating. This dude is probably the most talented “undiscovered” musician I have ever known personally.  His doc is about “breaking in” and this teaser has me on the edge of my seat.  I will admit that I have always fantasized about the music business.  I love music so much, its even one of the main categories of this blog. I play piano and am finally officially learning how to play the guitar, but I made the decision long ago to keep this hobby a hobby.  For those who choose differently, who actually go for it and try to break into this ridiculously competitive business… well, it seems that the road to making a living doing what you really love, for most musicians, is harder than ever to achieve.

From the web site:

Is it possible for an artist to break?

Following on-the-verge artist Will Gray through the recording and release of his debut album (featuring production by Grammy Award-winning producer, T Bone Burnett), Broke* chronicles the stories of artists and executives searching for ways to thrive in the face of today’s music industry challenges. Featuring candid interviews with industry insiders and intimate profiles of some of the brightest emerging musical talent in the country, the film digs beneath the clichés and standard storylines to reveal an industry struggling to find a new identity and an artist who’s simply trying to establish one. Can a new act be “broken”?

So check out the trailer below.  If you dig what he is up to, if you love music and musicians, then stay connected and join the movement.

“… there would be no U2 after that second album. It would have been cut. No “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” no “Unforgettable Fire,” no “One,” no “Where the Streets Have No Name,” no “With or Without You.”
That’s what I’d like you to take away from tonight. I would like to ask the music business to look at itself and ask itself some hard questions. Because there would be no U2 the way things are right now. That’s a fact.”

Bono, Hall of Fame induction speech, 2005

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