Funtime Friday – 1995

So today I discovered that one of my friends from High School somehow figured out how to get our senior video on YouTube.  I am such a sap for this stuff.  I guess that’s why I was voted Most School Spirited (like my husband!:))

The truth is that I actually had a really good time in High School.  I have really good friends from that time that I still keep in touch with. I know most people would like to forget their high school experience but I really enjoyed mine.

Here is the BHS 1995 Senior Video.  Its funny to me, but if you didnt go there you could probably care less to watch it,  but just in case you are a sap for this stuff like I am, please enjoy the movie!  (Its broken up into three parts because its too long to post at once).

Oh, and please dont hate on the southern accents.  They’re pretty thick!

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  1. A few thoughts (because you know this fellow Class of ’95er and Most School Spirit voted girl could not resist watching):

    1. I knew before this began it would end with For Just A Moment – LOVE that song, and all the music, but especially that song (I used it in a cheerleading video I did in HS).

    2. This was really well done! I wish the Mavs would have had this kind of video class!

    3. Teens back in our day dressed with so much more conviction – I didn’t spy a short skirt or a tank top in the ENTIRE video!

    1. AnnieLaurie says:

      I LOVE it P! I was just telling Amanda that you and I are the only people I know who loved High School. Love your intuition on the song choices. I think my favorite out of all of them is the Friends song my Elton John. I feel like we were lucky to have a class like that in High School. I wonder how it is now that we have IMovie and other stuff that makes video production so easy! I would love to see a “new” one. And the dress – yes that is SOOOOO true. I think the last month of school I wore umbros and tshirts every day. However I will say that there was a great deal of bare mid-drifts on the Senior Trip…. no video of that! 🙂

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