Happy Anniversary Hubble

I admit, I am kind of a space nerd.  Actually I am pretty fascinated by anything in the sky, falling from the sky, that can only be seen through high powered telescopes and other devices.  This includes weather events, meteor showers, aurora boralias,  and of course all things beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

So today I was delighted to read several articles about the Hubble Telescope’s 20th anniversary.  Ray Villard has a great story in Discovery News covering the 20 year lifespan of Hubble and documents several of its most outstanding finds. Below are a few snapshots on the Hubble from news.discovery.com:

April 22, 2010 — The Hubble team describes this awe-inspiring image as a “fantasy mountaintop enshrouded by wispy clouds [that] looks like a bizarre landscape from Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ or a Dr. Seuss book, depending on your imagination.” And they’re not wrong! Resembling a mystical pillar that even James Cameron would have difficulties recreating in CGI, this brand new Hubble Space Telescope scene overloads the senses with detail.

OK people, take a moment to wrap your mind around the fact that this a photograph of something REAL out there in the universe.  Can you imagine being able to see something like that with your own two eyes?

Villard adds:

The most jaw-dropping if not downright spiritual picture for me came in 2002, after the Powerful Advanced Camera for Surveys was installed on Servicing Mission 3b. We had inadvertently taken a longer-than-planned exposure of an early “pretty picture” of a galaxy with a tidal tail. The background sky is what flabbergasted me. It was a sea of tiny background galaxies of all shapes, sizes and colors. It was like looking at myriad pond life microorganisms under the microscope for the first time. “This is the way God intended the universe to be seen…” I mused.

Here is a link to the Hubble telescopes best of 2009:


These images are simply amazing.  Looking at photos like this make me think about God and things that are bigger than me.  I like to think about things like this.  Its like God has all this secret awesomeness out there in the universe we can only get a small glimpse of here, thanks to science and really smart folks.  All I know is that when I get to heaven I want to be on the first tour out to see the galaxies.  If these images look this good from a photo I can only image what they will look like in person!

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