Yall Ever Rode on the Metro? Classic!

For my non-DC friends, this may not be as funny as it will be to my DC friends.  But there is this guy in town who has been making rap videos about areas around DC for the past several years.  He raps about alot of other stuff too but the ones he does about local stuff are my favorite!

My friend David alerted me today that there is a new rap out about the metro and it is HYSTERICAL.

So here ya go world.  GoRemy on the DC Metro:

and just because I can’t resist… here is my FAVORITE Remy video:

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Ryan says:


    Favorites: “Driver must be a pirate because it says ‘ARR'”
    and “‘Excuse me…’ ‘No lady that’s not my bag!'”

    Ohhh DC humor 😉

    1. AnnieLaurie says:

      I KNOW the ARRR was my favorite! As well as the line about the escalator and how can you have bo at 8:30 in the morning!

  2. Michelle Hitt Grasso says:

    I LOVE it! those rock, thanks for sharing!!!!!!

  3. Jo Momma (Sorry, couldn't resist) says:

    I loved this! This guy is really good. I can so see Brian doing something like this.
    Excellent-yes! ARRRRRRRRR

  4. Holly says:

    Arr hilarious! thanks for bringing it to my attention 🙂 this guy is hilarious!

    1. AnnieLaurie says:

      yay holly I know right? i love him. he has CDs I have not bought one but am thinking about it!

  5. Kaelyn says:

    or the Starbucks, or the Starbucks, or the Starbucks, or the Starbucks, or the Starbucks, or the Starbucks, or the Starbucks…haha love it!

  6. AnnieLaurie says:

    Kaelyn that is Brian’s favorite! that and “dudes in brown flip-flops!” 🙂

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