Four Months of Baby Bliss

Taking a break from all the discipline talk, I want to celebrate my baby girl’s 4 month birthday! I can’t believe how fast time has passed by us these last four months.  LK is the sweetest and has been a really good baby.  The Lord knows my limits and has blessed me with a happy, healthy girl who is a good eater and sleeper 🙂

I see alot of new moms write posts on their blogs to their new babies every month on their birth date (like the 12th of every month).  I also see moms take fun pics each month to show how their baby has grown.  Well, I had BIG PLANS to do that too, but as you can see this is the first post Ive written about baby girl and here we are four months in so…. we are doing our best over here at casa Walters! I did manage to get pics though so eventually Ill post some to show her growth.

LK really is a cutie pie! She is laughing and cooing and oooooohing and aaaaaaaaahing at us.  She hates tummy time but we make her do it anyway in 10 minute intervals 3 times a day so she can build her neck strength.  We have put her in her bumbo seat a few times too, she doesn’t mind it but I think she needs to get a little stronger before she really enjoys it.  She like her bouncy seat and her Baby Einstein ocean play mat/mobile thing. There is this little blue octopus with a white sailor hat that hangs from it and she cooos and ooooohs at him and bats her big eyes at him. I swear she is flirting with him! I told Brian that she must like sailors 🙂

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