What’s Going On??

My blogging was quiet in April.  Here is what you missed:

Zone diet = royal failure.  Short story is that the Zone Diet requires more discipline than I can endure right now so I do not recommend anyone use Zone to start a diet, maybe to maintain a weight or explore new strategies for healthy eating.  Will you keep weight off with Zone? Absolutely.  Will you loose alot of weight if you start with a big goal in mind?  Only if you are uber disciplined.

Weight loss – none in April (obviously).  I weighed on May 1 and I had only gained 1 lb but I weighed again on May 3 and showed a 3.5 pound gain.  So lets just say I gained 2 lbs during the April debacle.

Music – Its been a while since I posted about music here, so its worth noting that I am going to FOUR concerts this summer Coldplay at Verizon and Alan Jackson, Ben Harper and Counting Crows at Wolf Trap (thanks Barbara!). It’ll be my first time seeing the first three listed and my 5th time to a Counting Crows show.  What can I say, they are my top 3 favorite artists of all time.

I am also very much enjoying the new Counting Crows album that released in April.  They are all covers of songs they really love.  Some fans aren’t happy with this approach, personally I love it.  Adam goes through and writes about each cover, why the band covered it and why he loves the band or artist that wrote the original. I found alot of great new music this way.  But I must say that my favorite song on the entire album is “Like Teenage Gravity” I listened to the original after I heard CC’s version and CC’s version is far and away a better version.  LucyKate likes it too. 🙂

I am also VERY excited to have learned this week that another of my top three favorite artists of all time — Patty Griffin — is releasing a new album in October.  It will be LucyKate’s first album momma will buy it for her 1st birthday on Oct 12! Now, lets hope that Patty tours and comes to Wolf Trap!  Hands down the best place to see a show in the DC metro area.

LucyKate is GREAT! She is loving Avocados (Cados) and Sweet Potatoes  but the jury is out on Squash…

We are excited to be dedicating our sweet girl to the Lord Jesus on Mother’s Day at our wonderful church MBC Loudoun.  All three grandmommas will be there for the dedication which is awesome.  It will be a wonderful Mother’s Day indeed!

Brian traveled for work TWICE since I wrote last.  The first time my mom and step-dad came to help out, but this last time I did it all alone and it really made me see how much Brian does around the house when I am busy with LK.  It was really hard and exhausting taking care of her totally alone.  I am so thankful for my sweet husband who is a great daddy!!

We ended the month with our seven year wedding anniversary!  You can tell we are comfortable now because not only didn’t we celebrate, Brian left town for a work trip on our special day! But it is all good, reference earlier paragraph on all the concerts we are going to, that is our anniversary gift to each other!  #delayedgratification

This time seven years ago we were scuba diving off the coast of the Mexican Riviera.  Here’s to the memories!


Young & In Love


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  1. SF says:

    Love your post. Have you tried the Curves diet? It isn’t really a diet – it is more about learning how your body works best with food. People really like it!

    1. AnnieLaurie says:

      Thanks friend! I will look into that!

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