Walters, Party of Three

We just returned from an extra long road trip from DC to Memphis. On our way home we stopped in Strawberry Plains for Cracker Barrel.  Normally we would have hit a Chick-Fil-A Drive through and kept on truckin but when you have a baby in tow stopping at a fine establishment like the Cracker Barrel is a much better choice for many reasons (read: nicer bathrooms for changing diapers).

When we arrived we noticed a crowd on the rocking chairs.  This usually means a wait.  We were nervous because we didnt want to dilly dally with lunch when we still had a good 9 hour drive ahead.  But we went in and put our names on the list.

LKW is nearly 11 months old (GASP) and now we are all about the high chair.  And the grocery cart seat but thats another blog post.  My baby girl is SO VERY SOCIAL (surprised?) and loves sitting in the high chair, making eye contact and smiling at everyone and I mean everyone.  If she can’t get you to make eye contact she will squeal the cutest squeal you have ever heard until you look at her then she will smile at you all bashful like.  Whatever, she loves attention. We are doomed.

So back to Cracker Barrel, I went to the hostess stand and said “2 and a high chair please” and she said “name” and I said “Walters, how long is the wait” she said “15 to 20” and I immediately walk off because I didnt want her to see how annoyed I was at the wait.

About 10 minutes later, as we are literally HOVERING over the hostess stand (yes, we were THOSE people) the woman says “Walters, party of THREE”

I look at Brian and say “is that us??”

We look at her (since we were hovering there was no need to move closer) and said “does a high chair count as three??”

She just smiled and showed us to our table where she moved a big person chair and replaced it with a high chair and our family of three sat down to eat.  She then told us that a high chair takes up the same amount of space so “2 and a high chair” really is “three.”

So there, in the heart of the Big Orange and the home of the fabulous Katie Oglesby Graham, this little party of two and a high chair became a party of three.

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  1. Paula says:

    Love it! You have me sitting here by myself in the office with a silly ear to ear grin on my face. I loved so much the blessing of seeing you for a few minutes while you were here. Oh what a beautiful little girl you have! You can’t help but fall in love with her the minute you lay eyes on her. I’m so thankful that you are my daughter’s very best friend. You are a blessing to her. Love you Annie Laurie! … and Brian and sweet Lucy Kate

  2. OH MY WORD!!! That is exactly what I wrote on your banana bread!!!! Can I have credit for saying it first?!?! (sorry cracker barrel!) already missing you guys!!!

  3. OH MY WORD! That is exactly what I wrote on your Welcome Walters banana bread!!! that is craziness! sorry, cracker barrel, but i get credit for saying it first. 🙂 already missing you guys sooooooo much!

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