31 Day Writing Challenge

Day 1 – Intro Blog (the one you’re on)
Day 2 – Some Cooks Are Born, Others Are Made
Day 3 – The Curse of the Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe
Day 4 – There are Bakers, and There are Cooks
Day 5 – Save The Turkeys! Use a Brine

I saw a post today on a blog I read about a 31 day writing challenge going on at another blog and I decided to do it.

In keeping with my 2012 theme of discipline I am going to “discipline” myself to write 31 days in a row. Heard that before from me? Yeah, I know but this time its different and here’s why:

For the first time I am going to intentionally discipline myself to write… Just. For. Fun.

I am not writing for any other reason other than my own enjoyment. And I am going to do it for 31 days.

My theme is going to be cooking.  Yes, cooking. Don’t say anything about my failed diet attempts that I vowed to never bring up again (sorry). You see, I really do enjoy cooking, especially cooking for others. I find great joy in cooking good food for other people and serving that food to them, especially in my own home.

Cooking truly is a big part of my life! Yet here on this blog about “God, Marriage, Missions, Music and Life” I have never paid tribute to my love for my kitchen shears, Shun knives, and my Le Creuset 5 Quart French Oven. I’ve never told any of you about the time I caught my flat-top electric stove on fire, almost blew up my neighbor’s wooden deck lighting a grill, or how the fire department got called to my dorm room when I attempted baking muffins in the microwave.

I also have never told you about how Rachael Ray taught me to cook, how my friend Cari and I invented indoor s’mores over the phone or how I discovered a fool proof recipe for Thanksgiving Turkey off a seafood website… actually I did tell you that story but it was a long time ago and bears repeating.

See there is so much you don’t know about me!

So I hereby proclaim to write for the next 30 days (today is day 1) about “31 Adventures in Cooking.” Maybe we will conclude with a cook-off or a fiesta. Or maybe I will just bake yall some cookies.

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