There are Bakers, and There are Cooks

I’ve really enjoyed the feedback from these previous two posts. I am glad that we can all laugh along with (at?) me and my lack of cooking abilities. However, I would like to point out that these two hilarious stories are actually baking stories. I have come to understand that there is a significant difference between bakers and cooks.

Bakers must be precise and exact in their measurements and timing. Mathematicians would be great at baking. People whose minds work well with numbers and formulas could win baking contests the world over. My mom is a mathematician; and while we may have eaten out A LOT for dinners, we ALWAYS came home for dessert. My momma can bake with the best of them! She is also a former calculus teacher. See what I mean?!

I, on the other hand, never was that good with math.

Cooks have a little more leeway than bakers. To me, cooking can be an almost lyrical experience. Preparing, plating and serving a meal can become a symphony or a sonnet or a Broadway musical, depending on the flavors you incorporate. Cooks can be a little heavy handed with ingredients they like or leave things out to suit taste, especially spices! Bakers really cant do that. Bakers must ALWAYS follow the recipe or suffer the consequences.

This is not to say that cooks wont suffer from veering off script with their own recipes.  I have my share of cooking FAILS from trying to “make it my own.”  I have since learned you must earn the right to “make it your own” by first learning and mastering the original.

I didn’t realize it until much later in life but I was never cut out to be a baker. I am a cook through and through. Plus I am more of a “savory” person than a sweet person anyway.

But I didn’t learn to cook, I mean REALLY cook, until after I was married. Perhaps I was motivated to please and impress my new husband or perhaps I was inspired by all the shiny new kitchen tools we received from our wedding registry. Whatever was my inspiration, it all started a little before Thanksgiving our first year of marriage. Tomorrow I will share my first true cooking victory, the secret I discovered to the most juicy, succulent Thanksgiving Turkey you can ever imagine and how I learned the recipe from (of all places) a seafood restaurant.

In the meantime, what say you? Are you a baker or a cook?

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