Believing God Day by Day

My study of God’s promises and quest to really believe these promises is going extremely well. I am overjoyed to say that I am in a season where God is showing me things and revealing things and helping me understand things in ways I have never experienced — in ways that are truly more than I could ask or imagine.

The last time I found myself in a similar season was 2003. This is the year that many things in my life changed. A close relationship came to an end. Through heartbreak and tears I rediscovered my relationship with Jesus in a fresh way, giving my life and lifeSTYLE over to him during a sermon series leading up to Easter. On the night of our missions pastor’s commissioning, I attended my first mission trip interest meeting and found myself serving the poor in Guatemala alongside Compassion International not once but twice that year. God grew my faith in mind-blowing ways. It was a season of life where scripture seemed to dance off the pages of my Bible as I read and understood more about God’s great love for me, for his global Church, for the nations of the earth.

This is also the year that I completed the Breaking Free study by Beth Moore. This study taught me to dive into the word and rightly apply scripture to my prayer life, equipping me with the power of the Holy Spirit to literally break free from lies I had believed. Not every stronghold was broken that year, but it was the year that began my journey and the fruit of healing in my life in the 10 following years has been a miraculous work of the Lord.

Interestingly enough, 2003 is also the year that ended with my meeting my husband on New Year’s Day 2004. Certainly 2003 was a year of divine preparation in more ways than I could possibly have understood at that time.

Now, 10 years later in 2013, I find myself in a similar situation. I am taking breaking free to the next level, using the Beth Moore Bible study Believing God as the teaching tool to help me know and believe God’s promises. And I can say already that it feels like it did in 2003. I sense God’s presence in even more abundant ways. I can also say that I am making different choices, not only with respect to what I choose to believe, but also in terms of 1. how I spend my time and 2. how I manage my actions.

This is a season of waiting on God in so many profound ways. There are all kinds of examples I could share here about how God is showing me more of who he is and I find myself literally feasting on his Word like never before. And its not rote dull-drudgery, it is famished,  “I can’t wait for the food to hit the table” devouring of the things I am learning. I am in awe of how quickly he is uncovering areas where I am still bound believing straight up LIES about Him and myself and the life he has given me; and I am relieved at how he is renewing my mind, day by day, in light of these discoveries.

I worry about this post coming off the wrong way. I dont want to seem in such a way as I am not. I know full well that it is only God’s grace that allows me to enter this “Holy of Holies” and that according to His will and His perfect timing do I move forward in my understanding of his truth. I would gladly stay in my prayer closet and privately exclaim the greatness of God’s revelation but I don’t think that is what he wants. In his timing, I believe he wants to me to unpack all the wonderful things I am learning here on my little blog. But for now, I am still taking it all in, savoring this intimate time with my loving heavenly father. And I know that when the time is right he will give me the words to share more about this incredible journey.

Until that time, I just want to give praise to God, who loves me and provides for my needs in exceedingly abundant ways, according to his riches and glory in Christ Jesus. Thank you Lord!

And if you are looking for a teaching tool to help you understand God I strongly encourage Believing God and Breaking Free by Beth Moore. I use the Workbook. You can also read the book but the workbook is where its at. You can also buy lectures online at

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  1. samanthacave says:

    It is such a blessing to know when the Lord is moving and teaching my friends in such amazing ways. I love that you shared this post. Thank you for your encouragement! I LOVE praising the Lord for His goodness in friends lives. This season spiritually, for me, has been a tough one – I find myself choosing tasks over choosing to spend time with God. And to hear of a friend who is savoring every moment with Him just lifts my spirit. Thanks ALW! I miss you and your beautiful fam.

  2. divinesteps says:

    Peace, friend. Peace. Prayers for your journey and “unpacking”.

  3. bellasmomwvu says:

    I am thrilled to hear how God is moving in your life once again! I love both of these studies myself. I will be praying for you and the journey that God desires to place in front of you through this. I can’t wait to read what He does!

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