Life as I Know It

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I am going to attempt (again) to complete the 31 day writing challenge presented by the Nesting Place. The idea is to write about one topic, every day, for the month of October. Let’s face it: I am no good at doing just one thing. If I choose one topic I will not finish this challenge. Part of my problem with writing and doing “more” with my writing is that I can’t seem to focus on one thing long enough to find my niche.

I have teetered back and forth on the decision to take this challenge. I don’t have time for it. But I don’t have time for anything really. And the truth is that I really enjoy writing. It is one of my first loves and a part of me that definitely only comes out for official purposes. I would like to see what may come out of me if I were just to write without expectations everyday for a month. Maybe somewhere in the midst of 31 blog posts a theme will emerge.

Why do I write? I write to clear my head. I write to express my feelings. I write to make a point. I write to inform and raise awareness. But what I wish is that I could write to entertain. That seems like so much more fun to me. If I had it my way I would tell tales that would inspire generations and change the world. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always dreamed that one day I would do just that. But as I approach my late thirties (!!!) I have yet to write anything that is going to inspire generations and change the world. And I am starting to think that I never will even attempt to stretch myself in that manner. I want to! But I am afraid and have a million reasons why I can’t.

So I have decided that I am just going to write: things that I have wanted to write but never had the guts to say; things that I have wanted to say but never had freedom to write; things I love; things I despise; the good I see; the evil I fear; my favorite memories; my unfinished dreams; my deep and enduring love for chocolate and wine. My hope is that the next 31 blog posts will be as random and diverse as my music collection; and if you’ve seen my music collection you know that this could be an interesting experiment if nothing else.

Taking a break for my Believe 2013 theme, here we go… 31 random blog posts from me and Life as I Know It.

This post is Day 1

Day 2: Make Yourself at Home

Day 3: Without Him How Lost I Would Be

Day 4: Mail, Mixtapes and Me

Day 5: Waiting

Day 6: First Foods

Day 7: How Do You Find the Time?

Day 8: Thoughts on my “Comfort Zone”

Day 9: For I Know the Plans I Have For You…

Day 10: A Post About Nothing

Day 11: I missed posting this day 😦

Day 12: Two Years Old

Day 13: My Favorite Female Artist of All Time

Day 14: Reclaiming Time With Smart Phone Apps

Day 15: Confession: Sometimes I Miss My Job

Day 16: Life Happens

Day 17-21: No Posts 😦

Day 22: Seasons

Day 23-26: No Posts 😦

Day 27: Yes

24 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    Love this ! I love the randomness of it all! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. This would def. be my kind of challenge – maybe some day! And I’m glad to see you are writing again! You were missed! And I wouldn’t be surprised if your writing has ALREADY influenced someone who is changing the world! πŸ™‚

    1. AnnieLaurie says:

      THANK YOU so much for the encouragement! I am glad to know I have some accountability out there! I am excited to see the winding road this will be, its sure to be an adventure!

  2. Dena says:

    Looking forward to “AnnieLaurie’s Daily” Aunt Dena

    1. AnnieLaurie says:

      Thank you Dena! Glad to have you reading all these years πŸ™‚

  3. Girl, I feel like you just totally wrote something that I should be writing on my blog:) Isn’t it strange, that things that we most want to do our what find the hardest to do!?!?! I guess it makes complete since actually and not strange at all. I have always loved your writing and I KNOW that you have influenced many. I am one of them:)
    PS – I totally debated on doing the same challenge and then totally talked myself right out of it! I believe in you sister!

    1. AnnieLaurie says:

      I love staying connected with you through our writing friend! I am not joking– who knows how God may “move” us one day! πŸ™‚

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