First Foods

One of my most favorite things about my babies is feeding them their first foods. It really is the best.

happyThey are so cute as they experience tasting something different for the first time. The faces they make, some of enjoyment and delight, others of shock and disgust!

They are just so sweet and innocent and trusting of us as we wield a spoonful of something they have never tasted and willingly open wide to try it!

Feeding toddlers; however, is NOT fun. At least feeding mine is not.


She is the typical picky eater, plus she doesn’t really speak much English yet so there is alot of grunting and fussing and wining around meals. You know that scene from A Christmas Story where Ralphie’s brother Randy wont eat his meatloaf and potatoes, yeah that’s my daughter. She would much rather play with it than eat it!


She does, however, really enjoy eating off momma’s plate or out of momma’s bowl. I caught her sneaking my cereal the other morning. Who am I kidding, it was really cute!


The only two things she will eat without fail are cheese quesadillas and Chick-fil-a. At least we can agree on those! 🙂 I just don’t like it when she finishes off my sweet tea!!!

mommasdrinkToday we fed Lucas his first food: bananas! He really loved it. You know how they say that you should feed a baby when he starts to show interest? Well let me tell you, Lucas definitely showed interest!

bananasLately every time we are eating around him his eyes are locked on to whatever we are eating and then he looks at us like “why you holding out on me??” I had some very ripe bananas that were perfect for baby food so I mashed em up and gave Lucas a taste and he devoured them! photo(2)I am excited to see what kind of eater Lucas turns out to be, will he become a picky toddler or an adventurous eater? Judging by how he ate up those bananas today I think he may be adventurous. I know some moms have skipped traditional baby food all together and gone straight to table food using the baby lead weaning approach. That wouldn’t have worked for LucyKate she still likes eating packets of fruits and veggies. But Lucas may just like to cut his teeth on something a little more interesting that puree. Fun things to look forward to here at casa Walters!

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