Reclaiming Time With Smartphone Apps

A few months ago I wrote about how I was struggling to stay connected to the Lord during this busy season with a new baby in the home. Before Lucas was born I found a good rhythm for my study time during LucyKate’s nap time. It worked great for that season but I knew that as “newborn baby season” loomed that I would need to change up my strategy.

I still have not fallen into a consistent rhythm for this but I did get some good feedback from some other more experienced moms on how to incorporate “God time” into the busy days of mothering; including a great insight that, despite what I may think now, it won’t get easier. Life will always be busy and its up to us to decide what gets our attention and how much attention we will devote to various things.

For me, I spend ALOT of time on my iPhone and I am starting to realize that this is a place where I could reclaim some time. Yes I have read the other blogs that went viral on Facebook scolding parents for being on the phone too much. Look, I play with my kids and engage with them all day. But there is still downtime where I am not needed by someone and I find myself picking up the iPhone to open Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, Candy Crush, Words With Friends, Etc Etc Etc. And when I started to really take a hard look at how often I mindlessly engage in these apps, I realized that this could be an area where I could reclaim some time.

Already on my iPhone right now I have: the Blue Letter Bible app; the You Version app; the Daily Audio Bible app; the Desiring God Fighter Verses app; the Jesus Calling app; the Praying God’s Word app; the McLean Bible Church app; the Village Church app; a podcast app full of sermons and devotions; and I even have the 365 Bible Promises for Little Hearts app for LucyKate. That’s 10 apps that I could be opening instead of the three social networks and two games I play. That’s TWICE as many spiritual apps. Yet, I don’t think to go to them!! Why can’t I be “addicted” to my Fighter Verses app like I am Candy Crush? Sometimes it feels the same as saying “why don’t I crave carrots and celery instead of chocolate.”

Note: As I was preparing this blog, my husband showed me another app he has in his phone that I will be downloading its called Solid Joys. He is also a big fan of the Logos app.

So now that I have put it out there, I welcome any of you to hold me accountable. When you see me feel free to ask me if I am spending at LEAST the same amount of time on the spiritually enriching apps as the social/game apps. I realize that to some of you this sounds ridiculous. You may be thinking that I need to simplify my life and just stop with the smart phone. Maybe there is some truth to that. But I would rather find ways to take advantage of these spiritually enriching apps to help me stay connected to the Lord  than abandon the thing all together. I mean, isn’t that why churches and writers and other ministry leaders spend time developing apps and podcasts in the first place? I don’t think the apps and the smart phones are such a bad thing as some make them out to be. I think that the way we (I) use the phone is the problem. And if I can change the way I interact with the iPhone and be more intentional about resisting the time wasting apps I may find the spiritual apps add something to my days that Im currently missing.

I will let you know how it goes.

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