Three: The Magic Number

I first found out I was pregnant in January 2011. As I began to sink into all things baby, this song constantly played in the back of my mind… the soundtrack for things to come. My man, my baby and me. Three would be our magic number. Little did I know that three would indeed be a magic number for our family but not in sum but in total children: 3 beautiful babies in three short years. Three is indeed the magic number. Lets hope that some of the magic carries us through the first three years!

When I first found out I was pregnant with number 3, a sense of panic set in like I’d never experienced. How on earth would I manage 3 kids under the age of three? I sought out advice from friends who were already doing it. Their advice: hunker down! It wasn’t going to be easy. I searched the web for articles and blogs about surviving 3 kids in three years. I found some great content but I craved more. I needed to know what I was getting into. But I never really found the content I was seeking. Probably because no one with 3 kids in three years has any time for this blogging nonsense.

I decided I would try my best to write about our experiences as a family of three kids all born one right after the other. This is one reason why I call this blog “Family Style” because writing about family will be a key ingredient to the content you find here.

Today is day 5 of baby 3’s little life. All 3 of the babies are napping, as is my dear husband. The house is quiet and I am actually writing this with both hands on a laptop rather than one hand on my iPhone. I am certain this is the quiet before the storm. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts…

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