Walks and Wildflowers

Today was a good day. Kids did really well for the most part. After lunch we all went for a walk… Our first walk as a family of 5. The boys in the double and big sister walking along holding daddy’s hand the entire time. I kept thinking over and over “I can’t believe this is my family. I can’t believe these are our kids.” And just felt this overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude and humility for receiving these blessings.

As we walked we passed some wildflowers, Daddy picked one for daughter and she held it the entire way home. Eventually she landed on his shoulders. I have this snapshot forever in my mind. Like Jim and Pam on the Office taking mental snapshots this was me today on our walk.

Baby girl with wildflower in one hand and daddy’s hand in the other {snap}.

Baby boy #1 toddling around in his big boy Nikes smiling at momma every other step {snap}.

Baby boy #2 snuggled up in a ball on daddy’s chest, resting together after our walk {snap}.

These snaps are the memories that will get me through the challenges. But for this 5 days postpartum wellspring of hormones and emotions, it’s got me tearing up every other second.

The best part about the last two days is having daddy home. For the help, of course, but truly for my first two babies. They’re loving the extra daddy time and it fills my love bank in huge ways seeing their bonds grow stronger. {cha-ching!}. I struggle to not let stupid and unnecessary worry cloud these special times. I think it’s largely hormonal. Its still a battle to take the negative thoughts captive. But it’s a battle I will fight and win to protect this blessed vineyard.

Today was a good good day.

Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes
that spoil the vineyards, for our vineyards are in bloom.

Song of Songs 2:15

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