A Different December

I have always loved December. All the decorations and music and excuses to eat, drink and be merry are enough to put me into a perpetual state of holiday frenzy. Most of my Decembers past flew by at break-neck speed leaving my head spinning on December 26… but not this December.

Quite frankly, this entire year has been much different for me in ways one blog post will not sufficiently address. But if I could sum up the past year in one short phrase, it would be “God With Us” which makes perfect sense because of Christmas. I have sensed God’s presence and been moved into a new intimacy with him this year like I have not experienced in nearly a lifetime of being a Christian.

So as December approached, I was excited to really invest myself in an “Advent Attitude.”  I asked God to really help me focus my heart and mind on eternal things this holiday season. And boy did he.

I was offered an opportunity to guest post on a blog and one of the topics was “How do we carry Advent with us into the New Year.” As soon as I saw that prompt, I knew I had to write something. It is this exact topic that God has continually pressed upon me throughout the entire month and I was thrilled to have a chance to share it with others.

So click here to visit my friend’s blog and read my latest post… Even So, Come.

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