Today I learned that a friend was killed in a car accident.

Its been a long time since I’ve seen this friend. She is from my hometown, and we were sorority sisters in college. We actually went through the entire rush process side by side. That was many years ago.

My friend went on to marry a godly husband and together they followed God’s call to Africa where they have served as missionaries for several years. They even adopted two African babies.I kept up with my friend through technology… blogs, facebook, etc. I regularly received prayer updates about their mission work and their growing family. I greatly admire and respect this family for their boldness and their passion for reaching their people group with the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Today as I absorb the shock of this news, that God’s soverignty allowed my friend’s life to end in something as senseless as a automobile accident, is almost impossible to begin to understand. All I can think of is her poor husband. He was out of the country when it happened. What will come of his ministry in Africa? How will he care for their two small children? Will he be forced to move home to the U.S. so the family can mourn and recover together?

I know its not up to me, or any of us for that matter, to discover the answers to these questions. None of us are strangers to the implications of death, even the most tragic. I can only trust that her legacy of faithfulness and bold trust in our Lord Jesus Christ will resonate throughout the villages where they were ministering and that somehow God will be glorified as the story of her life in Christ is told and re-told for the days, months, and years to come.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Girl – I am so sorry… I’ll be around this weekend, call if you need to talk or pray.

  2. Kevin Leggett says:

    My heart goes out to those kids. I know that in His sovereignty there is always plan and purpose that comes out of the tragedy.

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