Does God Answer Prayers?

If you have ever wondered if God is a prayer hearing, a prayer answering, and wonder working God…  look through the photos of tornado damage at my alma mater and understand that, out of more than 1200 students who live on campus, no one lost their life in this storm and less than 10 were seriously injured. 

God heard the prayers offered up on their behalf and while He did not calm the storm, He quite evidently calmed His children who were in the storm.

Our God is truly Mighty to Save!

Photos on this page are by Hollye Rider.  

For more photos visit Cam Tracy’s flicker site at

 This view says it all.  You can see the path of the storm and how it tore straight across the dorms from one side through the center to the next. 


Any one who went to Union will appreciate the photo above.  That door used to be connected to solid wall concrete gates that were at least 10 feet tall.  They are now gone. 

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  1. glenna says:

    Okay, no matter how many hundreds of pictures I’ve looked at, I still HURT to see all of this wreckage! Being an alum, Union is such a part of who I am, as cliche’ as that sounds. The door without walls is an amazing picture–I well remember what that used to look like.

    God was definitely holding the winds from taking the lives of the students. Just looking at the pictures; there’s no way people should have survived. I’m still amazed!

  2. Michelle says:

    I have looked at all the pictures and I can’t believe that the dorms are destroyed. When I went to Union I was housed in Wingo on the second floor, which now there is nothing there.

    It just surreal to see the wall gone. It was so much a staple of union life in the residences.

    I keep going over in my mind how all of the dorms are on a outside wall, nothing in the interior that is completely away from the outside wall. I think that just adds to grace and amazement of God’s power to protect the children he loves.

  3. Donna says:

    I just “googled” a question: Does God listen to me? I’m working on a Sunday School lesson for my sr. high class. This site popped up. What a lesson and eye opener. Justin Hobbs is a student at Union and a treasurered part of our church, and a former student of mine. He has touched our hearts with his stories and pictures of Union/tornado. Isn’t God amazing!!! No one was killed in this tremendous event. As a parent, I’m sure that there were hundreds of parents, grandparents, pastors, Sunday School teachers, friends, and saints of the church praying for those students, faculty and staff that evening as the storm approached. And, YES! God heard every single prayer!

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