Child Sponsorship Week


Today kicks off child sponsorship week here at My Living Canvas.  

I have sponsored children through Compassion International since 2003 and I have visited three Compassion projects in Guatemala, Brazil, and Indonesia.  My husband sponsored a child from Thailand in 2004 and we are about to receive our third sponsor child from Indonesia later this spring. 

I have had the amazing privilige of meeting two of our three sponsor children, and this week I will be blogging my experiences as a child sponsor through Compassion International. 

Click here and here for a bit of background on my trips to Compassion projects.  You can also click the missions media link at the top of this page to watch videos of our experiences with Compassion in Brazil and Indonesia.  I will begin posting about our specific experiences as child sponsors starting tomorrow. 

In the meantime, Compassion is sending a group of bloggers to Uganda this week to blog about child sponsorship “from the field.”  If you want to follow their journey click the Compassion Uganda link at the top of this post.  

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  1. napkinsforpirates says:

    Sponsoring a child in need is a great thing to do. I have sponsored several children through Children International ( and it has been a great experience.

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