Angel’s Story…

My good friend Angel traveled with us to SE Asia last fall and sponsored a little girl there through Compassion International.

I asked if she would mind sharing her experiences as a child sponsor here at My Living Canvas, and she agreed and the article is posted in its entirety below. Angel is an excellent writer, and I am always reading her blogs- check her out at the BIG picture blog.


My Kids…

By: Angela Turbeville

This might come as a shock to some of you, but I have 2 little girls…one is 7 and one is 8. They are beautiful. Okay…okay…they aren’t LITERALLY mine, but I do have the privilige of sponsoring them. A year and a half ago I received Leidy…she lives in Colombia. It has been such a blessing corresponding with her and viewing life through her lens. I received an updated picture on the year anniversary of my sponsorship and was amazed to see how she has grown. And she looked so happy! The letters I receive are precious…she calls me her godmother or pretty sponsor. Receiving letters from her warms my heart. As a single woman who doesn’t necessarily feel together enough to have kids it is a blessing to pray for this child and watch her grow in the Lord. She has been the top of her class and is so proud of her accomplishments…she mails prayer requests for “Daddy God” and tells me tidbits about her life and family. I have never met Leidy, but hope to one day.

Meyrizza lives in SE Asia. I started sponsoring her in August. Little did I know when I embarked on a mission trip that I would have the opportunity to sponsor another child…and to meet her! She is beautiful. We met at a waterpark and were able to spend the afternoon together. At first she was so timid, but after splashing around in the water and communicating non-verbally the barriers came down. We walked through the park riding rides, playing games, and laughting at each other’s antics. My heart soared…I learned that she loved pink and Strawberry Shortcake. She does not pray to “Daddy God” yet…her family is Muslim. She enjoys dancing and our outing was her first time at a waterpark. By the end of the afternoon her hand would constantly find mine as we walked to our next adventure. I was taken and look forward to corresponding with this precious one. I pray for her, that she will know and experience the love of her heavenly “Daddy”.
At first I was cynical about sponsoring a child. Yet, the experience has been so rewarding. I care about my kids and their families. When I hear of news in Colombia or SE Asia my heart skips a beat and I find myself praying for them. It has taken me outside of my comfortable little world and into the life of a child. Interacting with them is so refreshing…their innocence and take on life despite their circumstances is a constant reminder that it isn’t all about me. Luke 18:16 sums it up, “But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” If we help little children realize their importance in the eyes of their Father, what an impact that will make on the world. “Do not hinder them”…in many countries basic necessities are lacking in the lives of children. Removing physical barriers through child sponsorship and engaging through correspondence and prayer we have the opportunity of walking these precious ones to Jesus. Are you ready to experience a glimpse of the kingdom of God? The best view is through the eyes of a child.

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  1. Holly says:

    I got to meet my compassion child when I was in El Salvador this past January! It was amazing, and I got to meet her mom and sister! I just love being able to remember that time, and to be able to truly put a personality with the name and face and letters. I hope to see her again in 2010, when we all hope to go back to El Salvador again 🙂 Its an amazing thing to get to meet your compassion child and to see them grow up before you eyes! Love the posting!

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